About Us
For over Fifty years,

Assist, Inc. has provided hardworking American workers to Manufacturing and light industrial companies within the great city of Chicago.

We opened up our doors in the year, 1958 and have been going strong ever since. We have kept, Assist, Inc. a family owned business and plan to keep it that way. Our grandfather started Assist with a hard and strong work ethic which we have continued to maintain, making Assist, Inc. one of the more competitive Industrial staffing firms in the Chicago land area.

We have prided ourselves on giving the most to our clients with the peace that anyone we provide to them is no different than someone they would have hired themselves. Assist, Inc. has employees that continue to work at the same facilities we put them to work at twenty years ago, so our services to these companies really stands by itself. Our motto says it best, “We ASSIST in building your workforce”. You get the work, and we’ll provide the ASSIST you need to get it done.
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